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Interpretive Centers

Immerse yourself in Ely's fascinating history and wildlife by spending the day exploring renowned interpretive centers. Discover the art of traditional crafts at the Ely Folk School, or delve into the life and legacy of Dorothy Molter at the Dorothy Molter Museum. Experience the captivating world of wolves at the International Wolf Center, or gain insights into the lives of North American bears at the North American Bear Center. Each center offers a unique perspective, making your visit an enriching and educational experience.

Ely Folk School

209 East Sheridan Street, Ely

(218) 235-0138
The Dorothy Molter Museum

2002 East Sheridan Street, Ely

(218) 365-4451
The International Wolf Center

1396 Highway 169, Ely

(218) 365-4695
The North American Bear Center

1926 Highway 169, Ely

(218) 365-7879